Roy Pardi: Portfolio: Indicator 0x01

Indicator 0x01 (Petal) 2007 • 28” x 28”, paint + electronics on paper

Indicator 0x01 is the first in a series of works that will explore the integration of simple embedded electronics in paintings and drawings.

Drawings function aesthetically in ways which are not clearly defined by any rules external to the drawing. A drawing can set its own rules and “work” in complete and exclusive reference to itself. It has no dependencies. A circuit, on the other hand, functions electronically in clearly delimited ways. The way in which a circuit is designed and the graphical patterns which result are not intended to mean anything aesthetically or visually – they are the result of efficiencies, the laws of physics, and the process of production. The visual aspect of a circuit is irrelevant to its electronic function.

In this series I am exploring these two very different forms of “function” – with programming as the bridge – and attempt to tie the “functions” of the drawing and the circuit together.

indicator-0x01_01.jpg (70kb) indicator-0x01_02.jpg (115kb) indicator-0x01_03.jpg (121kb)
indicator-0x01_04.jpg (112kb) indicator-0x01_05.jpg (121kb) indicator-0x01_06.jpg (95kb)
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