Roy Pardi: Portfolio: Collider

Steel, fabric, microcontroller, custom electronics and software; 72” x 72” x 22 ”

Collider takes its inspiration from the idea of a particle accelerator. The form of Collider is a wireframe torus divided into 24 segments. Each segment contains 2 lights pink and yellow- which are controlled through custom electronics and software. Collider runs through a varying sequence of light patterns and then rests. Each sequence starts with a simple set of rules which determine how the sequence plays out. Brief visual narratives develop as the
light particles collide and rebound, form groups or split apart. The focus of Collider is on the experience of visual play in discovering patterns of apparent meaning.

Videos (Flash format): Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Video 7

collider01.jpg (44kb) collider02.jpg (46kb) collider03.jpg (61kb) collider04.jpg (59kb) collider05.jpg (50kb)
collider06.jpg (80kb) collider07.jpg (55kb) collider08.jpg (58kb) collider09.jpg (55kb) collider10.jpg (62kb)
collider11.jpg (60kb) collider12.jpg (63kb) collider13.jpg (58kb) collider14.jpg (57kb) collider15.jpg (55kb)
collider16.jpg (59kb) collider17.jpg (56kb) collider18.jpg (78kb) collider19.jpg (76kb) collider20.jpg (77kb)
collider21.jpg (76kb) collider22.jpg (38kb) collider23.jpg (53kb) collider24.jpg (41kb) collider25.jpg (37kb)
collider26.jpg (29kb) collider27.jpg (27kb) collider28.jpg (25kb) collider29.jpg (22kb) collider30.jpg (22kb)
collider31.jpg (26kb) collider32.jpg (33kb) collider33.jpg (26kb) collider34.jpg (43kb) collider35.jpg (25kb)
collider36.jpg (41kb) collider37.jpg (52kb) collider38.jpg (47kb) collider39.jpg (36kb) collider40.jpg (36kb)
collider41.jpg (22kb) collider42.jpg (20kb) collider43.jpg (23kb) collider44.jpg (52kb) collider45.jpg (36kb)
collider46.jpg (22kb) collider47.jpg (14kb) collider48.jpg (44kb) collider49.jpg (69kb) collider50.jpg (66kb)